I have an MA in Museum Studies and a BA in Archaeology and Ancient History. I’m also currently following my dream and studying towards gaining an MSc in Professional Human Osteoarchaeology.

I’ve worked in the museum sector since the beginning of 2015, having roles as a Curatorial Assistant, Project Officer of Events and Exhibitions, Collections Information Assistant, a freelance Documentation Assistant and am currently a Project Assistant for a collections audit. Prior to getting my first paid role I gained experience volunteering in museums and carrying out summer jobs at heritage organisations. In my roles I have worked with a vast range of collection types, from human pathology to printed ephemera and archaeology to natural sciences. I’ve run events, assisted with exhibitions, data cleaned hundreds if not thousands of records and I have loved (almost) every second.

In my first Museum Studies lecture we were told that after the course we would never look at museums in the same way again; we would no longer be able to make a visit without thinking about things like text panel font size, lighting and interactives. They were right.

I visit museums to collect ideas and gain inspiration. I used to hand write notes on museum visits to jog my memory about what I saw in each place that stood out. I figured a blog could act as an online notebook for me, with the addition that it has the potential to inform and inspire others about museums.

Who knows where this will lead me . . . so long as it is a place where I can use material culture to inspire people about the past I will be pretty content.

You can also follow me on Instagram (museum_mutterings) to see snapshots of the museums I’m visiting.

Click on the markers to see my museum blogging trail so far.

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