Eton Museum of Antiquities

The newly opened Jafar Gallery has nothing to do with Disney’s Aladdin, but it is full of an exotic collection of antiquities. The core of the collection consists of items gathered by an old Etonian Major William Joseph Myers, who bequeathed them to the Headmaster of Eton College upon his death at the end of the 19th century. It also includes gifts from the Duke of Newcastle, Lord Carnarvon of Tutankhamun fame and as well as items from archaeologist Leonard Woolley’s Al-Mina excavations.

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The Burke Museum, Seattle

If you want to see the only dinosaur ever found in the state of Washington, or a type specimen of a 27 million year old whale before glimpsing aspects of cultures from around the Pacific Rim, the Burke Museum is for you. Continue reading “The Burke Museum, Seattle”

Oriental Museum, Durham

Durham Oriental MuseumWell where else would you go on Buddha’s Birthday? Ok so it turns out that this was just a lucky coincidence of my Durham Oriental Museum visit. From the outside you wouldn’t guess the wonders that this museum holds. It does not have the traditional grandeur of neoclassical architecture associated with many UK museums, but it does contain spectacular examples of items from across the Eastern world. Continue reading “Oriental Museum, Durham”