Bricks + Mortals: A History of Eugenics, Told Through Buildings, UCL London

Museums can be daunting, sometimes unwelcoming. Their sheer size, volume of information and potentially even the way they portray information may actually leave people feeling locked out. Museums are not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Museum of English Rural Life, Reading

I’m am ashamed to say that I judged a museum by its title. The Museum of English Rural Life (abbreviated to MERL) just doesn’t sound too exciting unless you have an unhealthy attraction to farm yards. I grew up in the countryside and my first word was ‘tractor’, you’d think I’d be the target audience; but I just wasn’t sold . . . it’s nice when your wrongly negative assumptions are blown away.

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Bath Postal Museum

I love receiving letters. In a world of instant communication there is something dramatically gratifying about being able to attach a stamped picture of the queens head to a piece of paper and it seemingly magically still makes its way to the desired destination. I had never heard of the Bath Postal Museum, but I thought ‘well why not’ and popped in; what a gem.

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