AHHH VIENNA! I was lucky enough to go for a long weekend, which excitingly for me and to the dismay of my longsuffering partner in crime, meant a mad dash around museums. I managed to see seven of (if a quick google search is to be believed) out of around 100, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. I did also regrettably miss some big players, like the Natural History Museum . . . but this was obviously done on purpose so that I just have to go back!

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Tokyo Museums

Tokyo is a bubbling hot pot of culture. Not only is there the yearly blossom festivals and beautiful shrines, there are plenty of wonderful, interesting and sometimes just bizarre things to see and do. Want to drive a go cart around the city dressed as Mario, sure; Fancy a cuppa with an owl, standard; Want to see how many business men can squeeze on a train, that’s just daily phenomenon. If these things sound up your street, Tokyo is the place for you.

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Marrakesh Museums and Heritage

Marrakesh is an intense assault on the senses. Vibrant colours, interesting (sometimes good, but occasionally completely foul) smells and constant bustle. It’s also a maze – I had three different maps and I’m pretty convinced not a single one of them actually depicted the city, or they might have done but the lack of any street signs meant I was in a constant state of lost bemusement. Continue reading “Marrakesh Museums and Heritage”

Seattle Museums

I’m not sure what I expected of Seattle. The only thing I was told was to expect was rain . . . which didn’t happen. Instead, two week of glorious sunshine. Museum wise I went with an open mind and a long list, hoping to see as many as possible. I expected big and beautiful museums, but what I did not account for was the amount of local and individual stories that these museums would incorporate. Continue reading “Seattle Museums”

Prague Museums

Do you like cities with beautiful architecture, plenty of museums and beer? Well you would like Prague. For me a trip away doesn’t necessarily mean a long relax, instead it tends to be a mad dash to see as much as a city has to offer as possible. This usually includes at least a handful of museums. I crammed a lot into three days and this is my list, in no particular order, of the highlights. Continue reading “Prague Museums”