Tokyo National Museum

Set in beautiful grounds that were dripping with cherry blossom, the Tokyo National Museum is a sprawling mass of culture. It boasts a collection of around 116,000 objects including 88 National Treasures and 634 Important Cultural Properties (as of March 2017). The regular galleries display 3,000 of these works at any one time . . . a formula for cultural overload and happy museum exhaustion.

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National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland Grand GalleryIt’s too large to discuss all the intricacies of a National Museum in one blog post, but I will try to highlight some of my favourite bits from this visit. Some of the galleries were closed off and due to reopen in July after refurbishment. In this visit I focused on a number of the galleries coming off the Grand Gallery, a beautiful oval shaped, light filled atrium. In this space you can look down from the balconies into the large foyer below or across at the wall of artistically installed collection. Continue reading “National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh”

Celts Exhibition, National Museum of Scotland

Organised in partnership with the British Museum, the Celts exhibition was first on display in London before moving up to Edinburgh. It investigates the idea of a shared Celtic heritage across ancient Europe and how modern interpretations of ‘Celts’ have been revived, reimagined and in some cases reinvented over time. Due to the ‘no photography’ rule, of which I’m really not a fan, I’m just going to have to use such incredible description that you feel like you’ve seen it with your own eyeballs. Continue reading “Celts Exhibition, National Museum of Scotland”