Intermediatheque, Tokyo

If I’d left my heart in Tokyo, it wouldn’t have been down by the river (don’t you know) . . . it would have been here.

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The Burke Museum, Seattle

If you want to see the only dinosaur ever found in the state of Washington, or a type specimen of a 27 million year old whale before glimpsing aspects of cultures from around the Pacific Rim, the Burke Museum is for you. Continue reading “The Burke Museum, Seattle”

Manchester Museum

I’m a fan of curiosity cabinets. I’m sure it’s considered cliché by many museum curators, but I like the whole style of displaying varied collected items in this kind of aesthetically pleasing manner. A number of the cases at Manchester museum present collections in this style. It gives you the opportunity to see a wide range of objects in a small space. Contrasting colours, shapes, textures set alongside each other make for an impressive display. At Manchester Museum they know how to curate a case. Continue reading “Manchester Museum”