Last Supper in Pompeii, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

I feel like most people have heard of Pompeii. It is a site where the archaeology has given an incredible snapshot into everyday life as it was happening due to the sudden nature of its destruction, as opposed to a rise and decline over time.
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Displays of Power: A Natural History of Empire, Grant Museum, London

Museums are exhausting. It’s day one of 2020 and I am just so god damn tired. I’m just starting year six of being a museum professional. I’ve had five different jobs made up of multiple extended contracts. I’ve moved house five times, moved hundreds of miles, started a second Masters and volunteered a few places too. I live on a tight budget, commute three hours a day and frankly every other day I debate quitting because why the hell haven’t I got into a stable enough position to achieve the ultimate goal of getting a cat?! (Seriously it should not be this difficult to get a cat). Continue reading “Displays of Power: A Natural History of Empire, Grant Museum, London”

New York

I only had a short stay in New York so there was no chance I would be able to get to the hundreds of museums there. There was also no chance I could afford to; Brits really forget how luck they are to have so many free museums! Also this holiday wasn’t really my choice, obviously I was happy to go, but the visit was actually for my partner’s birthday and there are only so many museums that you can incorporate into someone else’s birthday treat. Continue reading “New York”

Dippy on Tour, Great North Museum Hancock, Newcastle

I’ve already seen Dippy quite a bit, both when on display in the Hintz Hall at the Natural History Museum in London and during the Dorset leg of the famous diplodocus cast’s country wide tour. But I wasn’t going to miss it visit to my adopted home town of Newcastle. Not after I had spent hours of my time when I worked there repeatedly measuring the lift there to prove that it was Dippy sized.

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The Postal Museum, London

I have been excited about going to the Postal Museum since it opened, but it is pricey at over £15 per adult if you want to ride on the mail rail (and let’s be honest WHO DOESN’T?). So other things have come in the way of my visit, saving for a holiday, generally trying to live life in London on a museum salary, LIFE. So a visit was looking like a future dream. Then, for Christmas, my partner’s parents got me tickets as a present, probably cementing in their mind that their son’s girlfriend is bizarre but most probably harmless enough. I recommend asking for tickets for museums for presents – this was BRILLIANT.

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A little bit of Mexico

There is no way that I could cover all the museums of Mexico in one small blog for two reasons. One, I haven’t been around the whole of Mexico, just less than 10 days travelling from Cancun to Tulum, to Valladolid to Merida, down to Palenque and finally Oaxaca. And two, many of the places I visited were not officially ‘museums’ as such, more archaeological sites. But they were so inspiring I really did want to write something down that I refer to at a future date.

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I am Ashurbanipal, king of the world, king of Assyria, British Museum, London

I’m not even going to pretend that I have ever heard of Ashurbanipal. I am embarrassed to say that I struggled to buy the tickets because I could not remember exactly what his name was, but that is the truth. This exhibition emphasised what an incredibly vast gap I have in my knowledge and it made me want to go out and fill it.
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