Dippy on Tour, Dorset County Museum

I’ve been quiet, but it’s not that I haven’t been busy, there just hasn’t really been any museum visits that have inspired me to write. So I decided to break the writer’s block and headed to Dorset County Museum because, if you haven’t heard, Dippy (that famous dinosaur from the Hintz Hall of the Natural History Museum) is touring the UK. Continue reading “Dippy on Tour, Dorset County Museum”


A Mile in My Shoes, Empathy Museum, London

The Empathy Museum is dedicated to helping people see the world from a different perspective, through another person’s eyes. Launched in 2015, it has used a series of participatory arts projects that focus on storytelling, presenting the true stories of individuals in a manner that informs a visitor on the true impact of prejudice, conflict and inequality. Continue reading “A Mile in My Shoes, Empathy Museum, London”


AHHH VIENNA! I was lucky enough to go for a long weekend, which excitingly for me and to the dismay of my longsuffering partner in crime, meant a mad dash around museums. I managed to see seven of (if a quick google search is to be believed) out of around 100, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. I did also regrettably miss some big players, like the Natural History Museum . . . but this was obviously done on purpose so that I just have to go back!

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Museum of Funeral History (Bestattungsmuseum), Vienna

It makes sense for a funeral museum to be in a cemetery. If I’m honest I have never seen a cemetery quite like it. Vienna has incredible architecture. Every building in the centre is dripping with carvings. It would appear that in Vienna a building could not be classed as finished unless it’s topped with a couple of horses and a handful of urns. I exaggerate of course, but the scale and quantity of the stonework is incredible and this is a feature that extends from areas designed for the living to the memorials of the dead.

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The Museum of Ordinary Animals, Grant Museum, London

Do we go to museums to see wonders? Perhaps things we couldn’t see anywhere else in the world; animals that are now extinct like dinosaurs or dodos, or creatures that we may never get a chance to stand alongside like whales or naked mole rats? I would say that we probably do, but that this is a bit of a ridiculous desire considering we don’t know how interesting the everyday animals in our lives are.

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Tring Natural History Museum, Tring

It’s always a wonderful experience when a museum makes you catch your breath in wonder. It is, after all, only in the museum world that I will come face to face with a polar bear upon stepping over the threshold. The feeling here is bitter sweet. I’m of course incredibly sad that such animals have died or been killed, but I am also fascinated by the skills of the taxidermist to create natural beauty and a seemingly everlasting life from death. Access to such incredible animals in museums also provides an excellent opportunity to learn, and I happy to say that on an otherwise sleepy Sunday in Tring, the museum was buzzing.

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Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection, Natural History Museum, London

‘Is it more stuff in jars’, was the question from my boyfriend, who I was very definitely dragging along on this birthday treat to myself. And yes, yes the Spirit Specimen Tour at the Natural History Museum in London is a behind the scenes peek of their ‘stuff in jars’ store which holds around 22 million animal specimens.

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