Museum of Portable Sound, Online

When I first started writing this blog in 2016, the idea that museums would be closed to the public because of a global pandemic had, unsurprisingly, never crossed my mind. Yet here we are. Instead of adding to the list of museums I’ve been to, I’ve spent the past year making ‘to visit’ lists. I am definitely regretting my blasé, ‘I’ll do it later’, pre-pandemic … Continue reading Museum of Portable Sound, Online

Virtual visit to Picasso and Paper, Royal Academy, London

There’s two things that it’s worth saying at the start. I’m not a massive Picasso fan and I like an art exhibition, but I find that sometimes they are a bit boring (SORRY). But, I thought I would give the virtual tour of the Royal Academy’s Picasso and Paper exhibition a go. And I’m really glad I did. Continue reading “Virtual visit to Picasso and Paper, Royal Academy, London”

Virtual Empathy Museum, Online and Podcast

In my quest to find virtual museums to visit during the covid-19 lock down in the UK, I rediscovered the Empathy Museum. The Empathy Museum has no dedicated space, but instead tours and has popup events. It consists of a series of participatory art projects, which are dedicated to helping those that engage with it to look at the world through the eyes of others.
Continue reading “Virtual Empathy Museum, Online and Podcast”

Virtual Museum of Broken Relationships, Online

It feels a bit like we are living in an episode of Black Mirror doesn’t it? Like everyone else, I had a lot of plans for this year, but now phrases like “social distancing” and words like “furlough” are the new norm and I am back at home with my parents. The world, which seemed very big, is now the size of our house. Continue reading “Virtual Museum of Broken Relationships, Online”

Displays of Power: A Natural History of Empire, Grant Museum, London

Museums are exhausting. It’s day one of 2020 and I am just so god damn tired. I’m just starting year six of being a museum professional. I’ve had five different jobs made up of multiple extended contracts. I’ve moved house five times, moved hundreds of miles, started a second Masters and volunteered a few places too. I live on a tight budget, commute three hours a day and frankly every other day I debate quitting because why the hell haven’t I got into a stable enough position to achieve the ultimate goal of getting a cat?! (Seriously it should not be this difficult to get a cat). Continue reading “Displays of Power: A Natural History of Empire, Grant Museum, London”