Baoji Bronzeware Museum, China

When you are in a foreign country and get a chance to visit a museum that gets very few overseas visitors you obviously take it. This is what I did with the Baoji Bronzeware Museum anyway.

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Oriental Museum, Durham

Durham Oriental MuseumWell where else would you go on Buddha’s Birthday? Ok so it turns out that this was just a lucky coincidence of my Durham Oriental Museum visit. From the outside you wouldn’t guess the wonders that this museum holds. It does not have the traditional grandeur of neoclassical architecture associated with many UK museums, but it does contain spectacular examples of items from across the Eastern world. Continue reading “Oriental Museum, Durham”

Terracotta Warrior Museum, Xian, China

Terracotta Warriors 1

When the word Terracotta is said it conjures images of a rich burnt orange colour. That is shortly followed by thoughts of the terracotta warriors at the funerary tomb of Qin Shi Huang, which are not the orange of plant pots, but a darker grey-brown. I’d like to think that the vast majority of people would recognise the Chinese terracotta warriors, even if they didn’t realise it was Qin Shi Huang’s tomb that they guard. Most people will have seen photographs of the row upon row of terracotta statues, standing to attention, looking similar but all slightly different. In these glossy magazine images they look pretty impressive. Continue reading “Terracotta Warrior Museum, Xian, China”