Tring Natural History Museum, Tring

It’s always a wonderful experience when a museum makes you catch your breath in wonder. It is, after all, only in the museum world that I will come face to face with a polar bear upon stepping over the threshold. The feeling here is bitter sweet. I’m of course incredibly sad that such animals have died or been killed, but I am also fascinated by the skills of the taxidermist to create natural beauty and a seemingly everlasting life from death. Access to such incredible animals in museums also provides an excellent opportunity to learn, and I happy to say that on an otherwise sleepy Sunday in Tring, the museum was buzzing.

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Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection, Natural History Museum, London

‘Is it more stuff in jars’, was the question from my boyfriend, who I was very definitely dragging along on this birthday treat to myself. And yes, yes the Spirit Specimen Tour at the Natural History Museum in London is a behind the scenes peek of their ‘stuff in jars’ store which holds around 22 million animal specimens.

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