Tokyo Museums

Tokyo is a bubbling hot pot of culture. Not only is there the yearly blossom festivals and beautiful shrines, there are plenty of wonderful, interesting and sometimes just bizarre things to see and do. Want to drive a go cart around the city dressed as Mario, sure; Fancy a cuppa with an owl, standard; Want to see how many business men can squeeze on a train, that’s just daily phenomenon. If these things sound up your street, Tokyo is the place for you.

Then there are the museums. SO MANY MUSEUMS. A wonderful post from Jack’s Adventures in Museum Land (I’d highly recommend this blog, it’s very interesting) earlier this year put Tokyo at number 3 in the list of cities with the most museums.

Sadly I did not have time to make it to all 367, I was only there one week after all. But I did make it to a few and they were impressive.

1. Intermediateque

Intermediatheque leaflets

This was my favourite, and a complete wildcard that I was not expecting. A beautifully artistically curated display of natural science, archaeology and nature. Read more here.

2. Meguro Parasitological Museum

Meguro Parasitological Museum

It’s small, but one of its star items is very, very large . . . eye wateringly so. It’s definitely not for the squeamish, but it really helps with jetlag and apparently it’s becoming the go to destination for couple’s dates. Have a look here for more information.

3. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum Blossom

I mean, it’s a National Museum, so it’s massive and it’s filled with wonderful things. But they haven’t forgotten to talk about the behind the scenes work . . . from conservation to collections care. Have a look here for more.

4. Kite Museum

Kite Museum entrance

Crammed to the rafters and bursting at the seams with all things Kite related. This little museum in a tower block may be tricky to find but it’s worth it because it’s just so unexpected and unusual. Take a peek here.

5. Yebisu Beer Museum

Yebisu Beer Museum main hall

In my grand tour of Beer Museums (ok I’ve only made it here and the Prague Beer Museum so far) and in my attempt to try to understand and learn to love beer I went here. I’m sure the beer was lovely, but the museum has perfected the object based timeline. Sneak a peek here.

6. Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum Robot

I mean come on. Ghibli. Museum. It’s like two excellent things made into one thing to make a very excellent thing indeed. Photography to my utter heartbreak was not permitted . . . however have a look here if you want to find out more.

7. National Museum of Nature and Science

Navigators of History of Earth Gallery 1

Another massive National Museum, but the galleries were presented to perfection. Find out more here.


One thought on “Tokyo Museums

  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I have been to Tokyo three times, and as someone who likes art and history (and museums) and has an interest in Japanese culture, you’d think that I’d have been to plenty of museums there by now – but I haven’t, because I am also a photographer, and with limited time there, I decided to spend it out and about seeing and photographing things. At the very least, I need to set aside a day for the National Museum next time. (The one major museum I did go to was the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, which is – of course – a must see.)


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