Yebisu Beer Museum, Tokyo

I just really don’t like beer (sorry), but I do like museums. My partner in crime, loves beer but is probably sick of museum by now . . . this place was like the perfect compromise, and turned out to work surprisingly well in my favour as this museum received an “it’s pretty good here isn’t it” seal of approval.

The place itself is incredibly grand, almost like a hotel entrance with the majority of the space taken up by a shop and tasting hall. The exhibition itself is only two rooms, focused on the development of the Yebisu beer brand rather than beer making itself. It is one of the best examples of an object based time-line I’ve seen. A case runs around the outer edge of the space, which acts as the time-line. Objects are then placed within this to coincide with events happening in the creation of the Yebisu Beer brand.

It’s a simple concept, but beautifully executed. Text and images decorate above and below one long time-line case that you can essentially follow from the start of the company to the modern day. The time-line case is well lit, it almost glows, bringing the focus to the objects which can then deflect to the outer information panels and images.

Instead of being overwhelmingly crammed this long case has single stand out objects that highlight specific points in time and that therefore support and enhance the textual information for that time-frame. It’s very neat and very well designed . . . of and you can go for beer tasting afterwards if you so desire.

Yebisu Beer taasting


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