Kite Museum, Tokyo

It’s a tricky one to find without google maps as it’s on the 5th floor of an unassuming tower block; not where you expect to find a museum, but I guess kites traditionally hang out fairly high up.

It’s a thematic hoard, packed into a fairly small space. The more you look the more you see. You’re straight out of the lift and into the heart of kite-land, some are incredibly intricate, some are beautiful others are just hilarious.

There is very little in the way of interpretation, it’s too small a space to need a map, but what it does have in abundance is kites. Every variety, strung up from every available space. The colours and styles are diverse and beautiful and the collection is mainly Japanese and Asian in origin, but there are a few examples from Kite associations around the world.

I really enjoyed the corner that had been loaned to the museum by the wife of an incredibly talented Edo Nishiki-E Dako (traditional Japanese kite) artist, Mr Teizo Hashimoto. Laid out like the corner of his studio, pots of inks, paper and string were laid out alongside some of his beautifully painted creations.

Kite Museum artists studio

I found it quirky, charming and intriguing and it definitely brought a smile of wonder to my face.

For 200 yen (less than £1.50) you can’t really go wrong to peer around at this crammed in collection.


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