Bath Postal Museum

I love receiving letters. In a world of instant communication there is something dramatically gratifying about being able to attach a stamped picture of the queens head to a piece of paper and it seemingly magically still makes its way to the desired destination. I had never heard of the Bath Postal Museum, but I thought ‘well why not’ and popped in; what a gem.

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The Roman Baths, Bath

The Roman Bath have long been on my list of ‘things I have to go and see’ – it’s a formidable list. But I’ve been staring longingly at glossy magazine style images of the green-turquoise waters for too long so I took the plunge (no I didn’t fall in).

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Robots, Science Museum, London

*Broad sweeping statement* . . . Robots creep me out a little bit. I find mechanisms fascinating, but there is something about the desire to make a machine look human that I find quite bizarre. So I headed off to face my fear (or at least try to understand why there seems to be a desire for humanoid machines) at the Science Museums blockbuster ‘Robots’ exhibition, which sets out to tell a 500-year story of mechanical humans and our desire to re-create ourselves as machines.

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