Eton College Natural History Museum

Eton College is regarded as the epitome of Britain’s privileged elite. Not many can boast their own Natural History Museum, but Eton College can. Tucked away down a side street near the ornate chapel, it’s open to the public on term time Sunday afternoons, also has an extensive outreach program to local schools in the area. Continue reading “Eton College Natural History Museum”


The Hunterian Museum, London

Stepping into the glass case surrounded central alcove of the Hunterian Museum is spine tingling, and not just because you can actually see some articulated spines on display. Having heard that the museum will be closing for three years of redevelopment I felt the need for a pilgrimage. Continue reading “The Hunterian Museum, London”

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

There are a few museums that are just truly magical. Stepping through the stone Pitt Rivers Museum archway from the brightly lit, open atrium of the Oxford Natural History Museum is like stepping into Narnia. The space is darker and noticeably cooler. A hush descends as you step in as all visitors gasp in amazement, their breath taken temporarily stolen when faced with so much history and culture brought together under one roof and displayed in a manner they may never have seen before. Continue reading “Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford”