Seattle Pinball Museum

You can lose hours in this place, we certainly did. With its quiet and unsuspecting front and just two rooms, such a long dwell time is pretty impressive. It may just be two rooms, but there are loads of pinball machines.

It makes for a pretty noisy space; bells and constantly dinging, catchphrases are blurted out and then there’s the frantic clicking of flippers trying to keep balls in play. But it’s not dark like a modern day games arcade, so you can really see the machine in detail and read the information about them.

The colourful machines are organised along the walls in date order, from a 1960’s model all the way through to modern day. On top of each is information about the machine, which is clearly written by an expert who knows how to direct a ball to a certain part of the game, rather than a novice like me who is lucky to be able to keep a ball in the game. The information given is great, giving a date, manufacturer, information about quirks of the specific model, production run and most importantly an ‘Internet Pinball Machine Database’ (IPDM) fun rating. The fact that all the information is simply laid out, always located in the same place and gives comparable figures, means that you can quickly gather the information that you want and make your own comparisons between games supported by this.

I preferred the older games with their satisfying bell noises rather than electronic beeps. Saying that, the Adams Family game with a hand that popped out to grab the ball and the ‘Black Hole’ machine with its lower level were brilliant. One game made in the 1971 and called ‘Target Alpha’ was meant to portray a shooting game in the future. A future which is apparently full of psychedelic colours and ray guns.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


I’d definitely give it a 10/10 for fun rating, but don’t arrive too late in the day so that you really get your money’s worth of game time.


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