Seattle Museums

I’m not sure what I expected of Seattle. The only thing I was told was to expect was rain . . . which didn’t happen. Instead, two week of glorious sunshine. Museum wise I went with an open mind and a long list, hoping to see as many as possible. I expected big and beautiful museums, but what I did not account for was the amount of local and individual stories that these museums would incorporate. Continue reading “Seattle Museums”


Timber Museum, Forks

In recent years Forks has probably become most famous for the Twilight series. If you are to believe the internet it was supposedly chosen by the author as a home for vampires after she did a search for the rainiest, gloomiest part of America and was pointed towards the Olympic peninsula. But Forks wasn’t built on vampire hunting tourism. It was the trees that drew people there, and information about this is handily summed up in the quaint little timber museum. Continue reading “Timber Museum, Forks”