Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, Reading

This is a really short post for a little museum, only one room, but filled to the brim with Greek pottery and thoughtful displays. Established in 1922 by a husband and wife team who wanted to ‘give life and variety to the study of Greek history’, the objects must act as an incredible resource for students.

Ure Museum founders case

There is a lot to take in and it was not all about the Greeks. There was a nice timeline that showed how the Greek, Egyptian and Roman time periods ran alongside each other, a useful reminder that at some time periods these groups that are often considered separately were coexisting.

It was nice to see that a consideration had been made for younger visitors, in the form of an activity booklet called ‘Sophie’s World of Pots’. It gave prompts and information for adults visiting with smaller children to help them guide their children around the space and discover and share new information as well as hunting of owls in the cases.

A highlight was being able to see examples of notebooks that the husband and wife duo wrote that included diagrams of finds. These notebooks were open at pages where there were drawings of objects, the objects have been displayed alongside them. It’s so rare for the detailed notes of a finder to be sat side by side with the objects they are discussing.


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