Beer Museum, Prague

I’ve got a confession . . . I don’t like beer. I wish I did, but no matter which I try I’m not a fan. Could a museum change my mind? There are two Beer Museums in Prague, one is pretty much a pub (probably called a museum because of the variety of beer it has on offer). I went to the other, the one that was a museum with two underground themed bars where you are given 4 different types of beer for a beer tasting session.

We were greeted by a very attentive member of staff, who welcomed us – pointed out the museum which consists of a couple of rooms and informed us of the beer tasting and bars downstairs for when we had finished having a look around. He informed us that the museum had been opened just over a year ago by a beer making business man who clearly has an entrepreneurial streak.

Inside the museum covers the making of beer, comparing different country’s beer consumption in eye catching diagrams. Different beer types are introduced in what looks like a beer tree diagram. There are old fashioned bottles and bottling equipment which sit alongside black and white photos of the equipment in use.

There is a lot of text, but this is understandable as it is in two languages. The text panels are nicely balanced with vintage photographs. The most aesthetically pleasing aspect are the displays, were multiple examples of beer bottles and related collectables are lined up showing the vast variation of beer types. In the rooms describing the beer making process there is a chance to see and smell different types of hops and seeds used in beer production as well as a video with quite dramatic classical music showing footage of production from field to glass. An interactive model allows you to see the different parts of a brewery and what they look like when they are working.

Once you’ve absorbed all you can in beer knowledge you can head downstairs into the cellar to absorb some actual beer too. Beer tasting comes as part of the entry price and you have the option of being in a ‘Golden Era’ or a ‘Communist Era’ themed cellar room, decked out for the occasion these rooms have some quirky mannequins too. So, in the end did I like the 4 types of beer I was given to try . . . well no not really, but I’m assured by beer loving company that they were very good.

If you want to see more of Prague’s museums have a look here.

Beer Museum Pubs


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