Sex Machines Museum, Prague

Sex machines . . . well who knew there were so many. This museum was an education. We went, like I imagine many do, for a bit of a giggle, but as well as being entertaining it was pretty interesting too.

Sex Machines Museum 3

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting. I probably imagined that it would be incredibly tacky, but the collection that they have is very diverse with over 200 objects.

Painted throughout in the classic boudoir red, we headed up the stairs and at the top there is a wall of peep holes, holding a variety of dildoes. The majority of the cases were old fashioned Edwardian style, which sat well alongside the ‘magic box’, an early portable peep show.

Considering the text panels are written in multiple languages they were really well done. Item descriptions were short and often cheeky in tone which was in fitting with the theme. Handy diagrams show how some of the machines work, obviously the diagrams are rude but they save on having to write a description and a lot of them you are like ‘ahhhh well that explains it’. The threesome chair is a case in point to explain who goes where.

Sex Machines Museum Love Seat

Did you know there are mechanical brothels . . . nope I didn’t either until I visited here. One is built almost like a dolls house and is driven by a handle on the side, featuring different moving members in every room. Instead of running this continuously and risking it breaking, there is a video of it in action, with close-ups. In fact it is this footage that draws the eye to actually look at the object in more detail.

For more Prague museums have a look here.

Sex Machines Museum wind up brothel


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