Toy Museum, Prague

I imagine for older generations this museum is a bit of a blast from the past. There are hundreds of old fashioned toys grouped together in large cases.

It’s pretty old fashioned, there are no interactives and it’s very much a stuff in cases kind of place. The interpretation is minimal, with the text panels that are dotted around mainly focusing on the development of Christmas. Saying this there are some awesome toys in the collection, like the oldest drawing known of a Christmas Tree and a huge mountain like toy that looks almost like a cross between Tracy Island and a dolls house.

There is a case of devils which was a bit odd and completely unexplained, but the vast majority of the toys didn’t really need an explanation as to what they were. Also the cases are so full of toys if text labels were put alongside each object the amount of text would be overwhelming.

Toy Museum Barbies

There is a whole floor dedicated to Barbie, from her earliest days as a cartoon character Lilli, to the Barbie we know today. It’s a huge collection, but my favourite part was the 80’s avant-garde section of ideas of Barbie outfits and designs that sadly never made it to mass production.

Interested in more of Prague’s museums? Have a look here.


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