Miniature Museum, Prague

Little things are hard to display, but what about tiny things? I decided to visit the Miniature Museum to look for ideas. It was tiny . . . no shock there then . . . barely two rooms with magnifying glasses on benches around the edges of the room. It was then that I realised that although small things are hard to display, tiny things are not.

The museum completely relies on the inquisitive nature of humans. Faced with a magnifying glass you are drawn to look down it, especially if the item being magnified is almost too small to see with the naked eye.

Miniature Museum camels in the eye of a needle
Camels in the Eye of a Needle


No it was not a big museum, only one room, but I looked down every microscope . . . I picked up every magnifying glass available . . . and I read every title of each magnified object. I enjoy looking at museum objects but I cannot think of another museum where I have looked this closely at every object.

It’s a shame there was not more information on the man who created all these miniatures, Anatoly Konenko, known for printing the smallest book and shoeing a flea. There is just a tatty homemade booklet left on the side with some information in about him, which consists mostly of newspaper clippings and with probably only 2 A4 sides written in English. The information was still interesting, but perhaps part of the amazingness of these tiny human made objects is the mystery of how they were created.

See more of Prague’s Museums here.


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