Miniature Museum, Prague

Little things are hard to display, but what about tiny things? I decided to visit the Miniature Museum to look for ideas. It was tiny . . . no shock there then . . . barely two rooms with magnifying glasses on benches around the edges of the room. It was then that I realised that although small things are hard to display, tiny things are not. Continue reading “Miniature Museum, Prague”


Karel Zeman Museum of Film Special Effects, Prague

If the idea of a film of special effects museum had not already peaked my interested, then the fact they had props outside to play out dramatic scenes definitely would have. I went to this museum on a whim, only to discover a complete little gem. Continue reading “Karel Zeman Museum of Film Special Effects, Prague”

Animals Inside Out, Centre for Life, Newcastle

The thing about plastination, a technique created by Gunther von Hagens that in essence freezes the deceased into plastic, is that it just doesn’t look real. When visiting Animals Inside Out at the Centre for Life you do need to keep reminding yourself that these are not just exact models of animals, anatomically correct in every detail, they are so accurate and detailed because they were once alive. Continue reading “Animals Inside Out, Centre for Life, Newcastle”

Old Mother Shipton’s Cave, Knaresborough

Want a one off, weird outing? Old Mother Shipton’s Cave will be right up your street. The oldest tourist attraction in England, having been open since 1630, is home to a petrifying well and is said to have been the home of Old Mother Shipton, a famous prophetess from the Tudor period. It’s expensive, but for a one off, it was probably worth it. Continue reading “Old Mother Shipton’s Cave, Knaresborough”

Manchester Museum

I’m a fan of curiosity cabinets. I’m sure it’s considered cliché by many museum curators, but I like the whole style of displaying varied collected items in this kind of aesthetically pleasing manner. A number of the cases at Manchester museum present collections in this style. It gives you the opportunity to see a wide range of objects in a small space. Contrasting colours, shapes, textures set alongside each other make for an impressive display. At Manchester Museum they know how to curate a case. Continue reading “Manchester Museum”

Climate Control, Manchester Museum

A successful temporary exhibition as one that you come away from still thinking about it. Maybe it makes you aware of a specific topic or maybe you go away asking more questions. It’s overall a thought provoking experience. Introducing the fabulous little exhibition at Manchester Museum on Climate Change, it’s really quite a clever temporary exhibition. Continue reading “Climate Control, Manchester Museum”